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                    Welcome to Yantai Jielaize Leather Goods Co., Ltd Official Web site!

                          Yantai Jielaize Leather Goods Co., Ltd

                          was established in the year of 2004. The company locates in Yantai City which is at the beautiful shores of Huanghai Sea and Bohai Sea, its address is No. 9 Tianchier Raod, YEDA, Yantai, Shandong province, China, Postcode: 264006. The company’s principal works are (1).to produce automobile accessories of tool bag, warning vest and car seet cover for volkswagen, Audi and etc, (2). to autonomously produce varieties of tepid healthcare products, tepid healthcare massage chairs, and so on. The company has an area of 7,500 square metres for office and workshop, owns more than 100 sets of various equipments which include automatic cutting device, slitting machines, computer-controlled silk screen...

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